About Rapid Tac Inc.

Rapid Tac products were created to make removing and installing vinyl graphics faster, easier and more economical for graphics installers of all skills. We manufacture Vinyl Application Fluid, Adhesive Remover, Wax and Silicone Remover.

When removing adhesive, removing wax and silicone residues, or performing a wet application, we have the solutions for you.

Mission Statement

In 1987 Roger Bailey decided to share a product with the Sign Industry and the Automotive Industry, designed to help apply pressure sensitive vinyl (decals/graphics).

RAPID TAC was chosen as the product and company name because I wanted to impress the idea that Rapid Tac was not only an aid in positioning but also an adhesive stimulant which aids in the a Rapid bond by helping the adhesive bubbles burst and uniformly bond rapidly. Roger was not familiar with the manufacturing and marketing of any products but felt he could learn fast with his 23 years of experience in the automotive industry and 7 years of management and operating his own body shop.

From setting up production, with code approvals, exhibiting at trade shows, building advertising and promoting RAPID TAC it was a big challenge. Roger vowed to never compromise the quality or benefits of the RAPID TAC formula and to this day the the formula has remained the same "unequaled" by any other brand X that has followed. Today RAPID TAC Inc has 5 products with more coming and has enjoyed a very successful 35 years with sales in 5 industries, 13 countries and over 500 wholesale distributors. RAPID TAC Inc will continue to add products, distribution and online sales to achieve further growth.

One thing that will remain the same! The pride Roger Bailey takes in the level of quality and friendly service offered by his business RAPID TAC Inc.